Workshops Available

The following workshops have been held in the past and are available for both in-class and online settings. Custom workshops available.

  1. Foundations of Neidan Yoga - Introduction to Meridians

  2. Foundations of Neidan Yoga - Anterior Circuit

  3. Foundations of Neidan Yoga - Posterior Circuit

  4. Foundations of Neidan Yoga - Introduction to Daoist Yoga

In the Works

Services and products currently being developed for future release. 


Qigong Remedies

  1. Graha series

  2. Rashi series

  3. Nakshatra series

  4. Deep space series

Jyotish Training

  1. AcuJyoti - mapping Jyotish to the acupuncture meridians and points

Yoga Training

  1. Qigong to neigong - adding in the first levels of qigong practice to hatha yoga and pranayama